Mt. Hood Motion Blur

Mt. Hood with motion blur added to the clouds.

Mt Hood

Mt. Hood from Hood River, clouds added post processing!

Wooden Shoe Sunrise

Reflections of Tulips

Dream Land

Sea of Red

Red Tulips with windmill in the distance

Road to Rowena Overlook

Photograph of the winding road up to Rowena overlook

Slow Flow

Hood River

Hood River Orchards with Mt. Adams in the background

New Day

Sunrise on the Columbia River

Oneonta gorge

Hot springs


Long exposer with motion blur on a street in Gresham Oregon

Hood River Valley

Hood River, Oregon at Sunset,

Rowena Plateau II

Photograph of wildflower on the rowena plateau columbia gorge

Grand canyon national Park


Photograph of Columbia River Gorge, enhanced with beams of light This is my artistic rendition of sunrise. It is in no way intended to be passed off as real sun rays! In photo editing software, I created a duplicate layer upon which I dropped sun rays, adjusting the opacity of this second layer so sun rays are not to overwhelming. I love the authenticity of untouched photos. I also enjoy seeing what I can do to a photo to enhance its beauty. It is all fine art to me. Please enjoy!

Mountain View

Sun Kissed Clouds

Playing with fisheye lens for my iPhone @ Grand Canyon

Sunset at the beach

Mt Hood

Mt Hood, Oregon, at Sunrise

Passing Storm


New Day

Sunrise on the Columbia River Gorge

Old Hwy 30

Photograph of Old Highway 30, In the Columbia River Gorge

Before the rise

Pre sunrise shot on the Columbia River Gorge


Sunrise on the Columbia River Gorge

To Capture a Shot

Photograph of a Photographer taking Photographs

Dawn on the Gorge

Early morning on the Columbia river gorge

McCord Creek LE

Long Exposure of McCord Creek

Sunrise on the Columbia River

Autumn Lithia Creek

Autumn along Lithia Creek, Ashland Oregon


Ice at Elowah Falls, Columbia River Gorge

Sunrays take two

Photograph of Sunrays coming thru the clouds

Creek View

Photograph of a creek in the Columbia River Gorge

Keasey Road

Photograph of Keasey Road, Taken with my Phone.

Moonrise on the gorge

Photograph of a moon rising over the columbia river gorge

Wildflowers in the sun

Photograph of Wildflowers on the Rowena Plateau

Silhouette at Sunset

Photograph of a silhouette of a tree against the columbia river gorge

Morning Sun

Photograph of wildflowers overlooking the Columbia river.

Swift Reservoir

Rowena Plateau

Photograph of rowena plateau columbia gorge, Oregon.

Sunrise on the Columbia River

Morning Mist

Vista House at Sunrise

Moss covered logs

Sunrise upon the forest

Sunrise on the CRG

Sunrise on the Columbia River Gorge

Twisted & Gnarled Tree

Here comes the Sun

Sunrise on the Columbia River gorge

Moss & Water

Watson Falls


Sunset from the rim of Crater Lake National Park

Vista House

Vista House, overlooking the Columbia River Gorge


Reflections of Sunrise

Sunrise on the Columbia River Gorge, from the Vista House view point.

Table Rock

Photograph looking across Table rock.

Passing cloud!

Field of Flowers

Photograph of a field of yellow wild flowers

Spokane Falls

Photograph of Spokane Falls


Photograph of a Dock


Sunset in the woods!

Sunset Bay State Park

Photograph of Sunset Bay State Park



Sunrise on the Plateau

Sunrise on the Rowena Plateau, re-edit to remove dust spots.